The Exchange


The Exchange

I had the opportunity to work with Kilroy Realty Company on multiple projects over the course of four years in collaboration with the LA-based studio, Project M Plus. We worked with them to reposition the company as the West Coast leader in innovative, LEED-certified developments, and branded a number of their projects. For The Exchange, an ambitious multi-building campus in the quickly developing Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco, the Kilroy team wanted tech-forward positioning to appeal to the Bay Area’s titans of industry as they flocked to the urban core to meet their employees where they lived.

The Work

Drawing on the concept of the exchange of ideas, the intersection of disciplines, and the fluidity of the campus’ design, I worked to name the property, develop its story, and write the brochure copy that was then used by their leasing team to hit their goal of pre-leasing the entire campus, which they did in its entirety to Dropbox in one of the city’s biggest commercial leases ever signed.

Just a few years later, Kilroy raised the city’s largest ever commercial real estate sale for The Exchange at $1B.

Sample Copy

The Beauty of Beta

It’s rare to be a part of something coming to life. The Exchange breaks ground in San Francisco’s most anticipated neighborhood as it transforms into the premier destination for technology, commerce and entertainment. Surrounded by eclectic neighborhoods, historic housing and open green spaces, Mission Bay harnesses the entrepreneurial spirit of the modern workforce. With easy freeway access, ample public transportation and vibrant destinations within walking or cycling distance, The Exchange sits at the intersection of high-tech industry and dynamic local flavor.

My Services


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+ Brand platform

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Project M Plus: All Creative Direction & Design