The Brushies


The Brushies

A very real power struggle is how The Brushies got their start – with two moms who knew there had to be a better way to get little ones to embrace brushing their teeth. As a family psychologist and a dentist with a family practice, together they came up with a concept totally outside of the usual oral care box and dove headlong into product design, development and marketing with no prior experience.

The Work

Above all, the founders wanted their brand to be relatable. They needed to speak the universal language of exasperated parents, and they wanted to lead with humor to help both parent and child develop the skills necessary to foster this critical healthy habit.

To introduce this revolutionary children’s oral hygiene product (hello, adorable finger puppet toothbrushes!) to the market, I workshopped their brand to arrive at their playful, kid-forward personality and identified the best leverage for positioning in a market saturated with uninspired options. I then created a complete Brand Toolkit, as well as website copy, to help align The Brushies team as they launched their line, ultimately securing distribution through Target and other big box retailers

Sample Copy

Fun At Your Fingertips – Start brushing today with the power of play

Little kids love putting just about everything in their mouths – sand, the remote, your car keys, you name it – everything, anything but the toothbrush.

For too many families, brushing is a stressful time that’s either avoided altogether, or leaves everyone feeling like they were just in a pay-per-view cage match. Part of the problem is starting too late in the game. The Brushies help you get brushing at the very best time to develop a positive association with this important habit–in infancy.

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