I had the great fortune of working with Christy Desai, Stori’s founder, to help build her first venture, Okay Humans, which ended up in the very capable hands of Alli Webb of Dry Bar. When Christy was ready to open her next business, she reached out to me to help her craft the approach, positioning, and narrative of her new Stori.  

The Work

Christy had hired a team to design her branding and website but needed help defining the user experience and messaging. Our prior collaboration made it easy to jump right back in and pull through the resonant concepts and compelling approach to support online bookings. 

Using the name as our north star, I drew inspiration from the Hawaiian tradition of Talking Story to build the emotional connection that is so integral to talk therapy – sharing wisdom, navigating life’s triumphs and tragedies in community, being in right relationship, and honoring what is as a way to integrate our experiences. With honesty, humor, and a healthy dose of straight talk, we created a digital front door that feels welcoming and accessible as she creates a place devoted to healing. 

We then moved into her journal content, where I continue to draw on my degree in psychology to demystify the inner landscape of human emotion, and normalize the very universal experiences of suffering, hope, and the need to be seen. 

Sample Copy

modern therapy and support for every chapter of life

Life is messy. Being human is hard. And the real kicker? Some of the most meaningful experiences we navigate – the ones that make us stronger, more resilient, and deeper in wisdom – are actually the ones that often feel the worst. The good news? We’re here for you.

At Stori, our approach to therapy is compassionate, practical, dependable, and totally you-centered. Your life story is yours and we want to make sure you’re really in it.

My Services

+ Positioning

+ brand story

+ messaging

+ website copy

+ journal content




Lovely Words

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah on a few projects as she’s my number one go-to. She provides just the right amount of inspiration and ideas and knows how to execute them. She always inuits what I want, what is needed, and not only gives life to the project, but far exceeds expectations. Her talent is unmatched, but Sarah also possesses an important combo that not all creatives have – she’s very organized, structured, and timely. You get the best of both worlds with Sarah. I thoroughly recommend and highly trust her.

Christy Desai

Stori Founder

Images Courtesy of Stori