Working in collaboration with the LA-based studio, Project M Plus, I had the unique opportunity to work closely with Prima’s three founders, two of whom built the Honest Company with Jessica Alba. Much of the work I do is with startups and solopreneurs, so I was thrilled to work with such experienced brand architects and product designers on a project that was a deep dive into the intersection of wellness, beauty, and, at that time, an emerging CBD industry.

The Work

For this team, every single touchpoint needed to mean something, so the bulk of my work for Prima was in strategy development – understanding the meaning of the brand, facilitating naming and branding workshops, articulating market positioning and foundational values, and developing the platform, lexicon, and messaging approach that their growing in-house corporate team would use moving forward.

They challenged me in the very best ways to help breathe life into their vision, and proved to be some of the most engaged founders I’ve ever worked with. (I also can’t say enough about Prima’s Bath Gem – it’s literally the bomb.)

Sample Copy

Direction 1 – The Source

The knowing that we are of the Earth. The interplay of nature and nurture. The inextricable connection of our bodies and our world.

Firmly rooted, present, listening, receiving. Connected to the inner wellspring of wisdom and vitality.

The definitive, trustworthy source on all things CBD. Where we go to learn and explore.

Direction 2 – The Universe Within

The veins and viscera. The inner world, the mystery, the final frontier.

A scientific perspective examined through the practice of embodiment. The discipline of learning how to listen to the unstruck sound within.

Being with all that is. And tending to it thoughtfully.

My Services


+ Brand Workshop

+ Name Exploration

+ Positioning

+ Messaging

In Collaboration With:

Project M Plus: All Creative Direction & Design



Images Courtesy of Prima