I worked with HeyMama at a point in their growth when they needed some internal alignment on their messaging, tone, and manner to guide incoming staff in their marketing efforts. A resource for creative moms looking to feature their talents while connecting with other movers and shakers, their tone was especially important to help uplift, energize, and convert the curious into active members. Supporting women entrepreneurs (especially moms) is one of my callings in life so this project really resonated with me – in both head and heart.

The Work

I did a review of their existing materials and helped reposition their tone and manner with a deck that showed how close they were to the right stuff with some thoughtful polishing. They already had a team of talented gals who were ready to implement all messaging and communications, so my task was a quick dip in to help them strike the right notes.

After the deck was done, I worked on a series of their membership and ambassador onboarding materials to streamline their messaging and ensure consistency across touchpoints. Once that was done, the female founders at HeyMama had what they needed to let their team run with it.

Sample Copy

HeyMama is a party

But we’re not just any party – we’re the party you’re totally stoked to be invited to because you know the coolest, most creative women will be there. We cultivate this vibe because we know the realities of a mother’s daily life. We want to be the space where she gets back what she puts in.

We strive to infuse her with a boost of energy. We want her to feel a deep sense of sisterly belonging. We want to give her permission to go all out and focus on her dreams – outside of mamahood. And we hope to create a refuge where creativity, connection, and momentum reign.

My Services


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