I was just 9 months into my own mothering journey when Ergobaby set out to market their first ever forward-facing baby carrier, The 360. A controversial move for the brand, they needed a strong campaign to explain their philosophical shift and product growth. Working in collaboration with LA-based studio, Project M Plus, we pitched Ergobaby’s corporate executives and top creatives to demonstrate our understanding of the brief, their market, and anticipated consumer reactions. I drew on my background in psychology and early childhood development to help position the product and concept for the brand’s first series of lifestyle-driven, location-based campaigns with influencer families in Ojai, Vancouver, and Nashville.

The Work

When Ergobaby acquired Orbit, I helped create their combined brand playbook and sales catalog, refining their brand voices and approaches to position the two together seamlessly as a family of brands. Soon Ergobaby embarked on a complete website overhaul, and I was tapped to help develop the copy, producing everything from front page headlines and supporting copy, to all new product descriptions throughout.

A few years later, Ergobaby needed a launch campaign for their debut newborn carrier, Embrace, that would equally appeal to first-time parents as well as loyalists with multiples. I positioned the product as the safest and softest way to carry a baby from day one and helped develop the campaign concept and copy to go to market.

Sample Copy

Simplicity Is Golden

In the earliest days of parenting, simplicity is our Golden Rule. That’s why we created Embrace – no complicated wrapping or tying – just two easy clicks and you’re snuggled up.

Perfect for slow, sleepy mornings around the house, or getting a load of laundry done. Steal a snooze on the couch, or
take a gentle walk outside for a breath of fresh air.

Supportive, stretchy and super comfortable, our newborn carrier keeps you both wrapped in the softest embrace while youdiscover your new rhythm together.

My Services

+ Brand Positioning & Playbook

+ Product Positioning & Copy

+ Campaign Concepts & Copy

+ Catalog Copy

+ Website Copy

In Collaboration With:

Project M Plus: All Creative Direction & Design