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Claudia Endler Designs

I started working initially with Claudia as a business development consultant to help her create a series of
workshops that would allow her to talk about her modern jewelry design and develop her clientele. I
quickly saw that Claudia’s warmth, genuine interest in her clients, and unique custom process made for a
beautiful story, but nowhere was this articulated on her extensive, slightly clunky website. I quickly
recommended a website refresh, which understandably, was met with hesitation as they’d already
invested a lot of resources into the existing site.

The Work

To gain trust and establish a good working rapport, I first worked with Claudia’s team to develop both her brand story and voice with distinct tone and manner before gently guiding them through a complete rebrand and refresh of her website. Together we holistically touched every aspect of her consumer-facing assets, identifying new categories for her services and branding them in ways that helped to clearly convey her very personalized, meaningful approach.

With a website and messaging platform that finally reflects the transformative power of Claudia’s process, we were able to turn our attention to developing sales channels, effective marketing strategies, branded events, streamlined plans for new product rollouts, and a yearly editorial calendar that simplifies her bi-monthly content creation.

Sample Copy

The Alchemy of Adornment

Custom projects are the very heart and soul of Claudia Endler Designs. After years of working closely with people seeking jewelry for life celebrations, transitions, and chapters, we’ve developed a client-led process for custom design that is deeply meaningful, bringing an extra dose of magic to the wearer.

My Services

+ Rebrand

+ Positioning

+ Team Workshops

+ Website Copy

+ Messaging

+ Campaigns