Never just a bunch of pretty words

What I Do

Purposeful Substance with Strategic Execution

I can write beautiful, emotional (if it wants to be), technical (if it needs to be) copy all day long. But I look at my writing talent as a means to a much more important end. What I am most interested in, and where I really shine, is in building a brand’s foundation, meaning, and messaging approach to give my clients powerful tools for their ongoing evolution.

My Magic

In Service of Your Vision

As a life-long empath, intuitive, creative, and ever-curious student of human nature, I often hear from my clients that I have an uncanny ability to pick up on the amorphous ideas spinning in their heads and translate them into coherent, powerful concepts.

Some clients I work with directly, while others are project-based in collaboration with agencies and small design shops. Some I have the honor of working with only once, while others become years-long relationships. 

No matter where you are in your branding development and growth needs, I look forward to learning what makes you tick and crafting the framework for your unmitigated success.

Industries + Projects

+ Beauty & Wellness

+ Claudia Endler Design
+ Clover
+ Daily Bloom
+ Hoopnotica
+ Okay Humans
+ Prima
+ Stori
+ Strata by Joomee Song

+ Food, Beverage & Hospitality

+ Atlántico Rum
+ Caffe Luxxe
+ Cumbé
+ Flower Child
+ Interlude at Meadowood
+ Joan’s on Third
+ Marigold Marketplace
+ Paloma, Press Room (the restaurants at AC Greenville, SC)
+ Proteau
+ Street Churros
+ The Planning Society
+ Umami Burger

+ For Women, By Women

+ Above the Glass
+ Elemental Salt
+ HeyMama
+ Origin Physical Therapy for Women & Mothers
+ Soula Smith

+ Kids & Families

+ Brella Childcare
+ Chiqui Social
+ Ergobaby
+ Exploring New Horizons Outdoor School
+ The Brushies
+ Thrive in Five (LA County Department of Public Health)

+ Real Estate

+ Gemma Ktown (Los Angeles, CA)
+ One Paseo (Del Mar, San Diego)
+ The Amara (Santa Monica, CA)
+ The Exchange (Mission Bay, SF)
+ The Landing (Dogpatch, SF)
+ Twenty by Six (Downtown San Diego)

+ Retail

+ Joybird
+ Lewis Miller Design
+ Manifest Destiny
+ Sterling Harper

+ Technology

+ AppliedVR
+ Bucketnote
+ Centaur Analytics
+ Dextera Surgical


Research & Discovery

The most important beginning step in any branding process is R&D. I take some time to get to know the brand as it exists, along with the marketplace, competition, target consumer segments, and goals. I ask my clients to complete a survey that touches on all of these aspects to dig a little deeper into the team’s thinking, approach, and hidden needs.


Ideally I’m given the green light to perform a Competitive Review which analyzes immediate competitors in the space with the goal of understanding what to avoid, what to strive for, and how to differentiate effectively. This sets us up with a roadmap for where the brand needs to go and the beginnings of a strategic map for how to get there.

Positioning & Brand Strategy

Branding is so much more than a logo. What we’re talking about here is the deep foundation of a brand from which everything can be executed. Once I’ve evaluated the marketplace and our opportunities for meaningful differentiation, I love setting to work building a brand platform that can serve as a navigation system for growth.

This includes a description of the concept, positioning, tagline, mission, vision, values, promise, and core key messaging. Sometimes brands also want brand personality, tone and manner to help internal teams execute their social media, campaigns or ongoing marketing efforts. Most of this work is not consumer-facing, but helps steer the brand with consistency and strategic purpose.


No matter what the brand goals are, the significance of the name cannot be overstated, and is often the difference between a brand that feels dreadfully derivative or one that shines brightly in a sea of mediocrity. Depending on the scope, my naming process provides the clients with 3-9 names for consideration, often within distinct directions, and with preliminary positioning to set up the context of the name’s meaning.


I also provide viable URL options, cursory vetting via the US Trade & Patents TESS database, as well as relevant internet searches to determine industry viability and possible SEO challenges. (Please note: Ultimately, it is the sole responsibility of the client to work with a copyright attorney to protect their intellectual property and file for a trademark if necessary. My vetting does not guarantee trademark viability.)

Sample Naming

Feel free to check out a handful of my favorite naming projects, along with a brief description that explains the meaning behind each name.

+ Above the Glass

An online resource for women entrepreneurs, the name turns the feminist concept of smashing through the glass ceiling on its head with the confidence to say that we’re already above it.

+ Chiqui Social

A play and party space that offers Spanish language instruction, this name is cute and fun to say for novices and fluent speakers alike, using “chiquito/a” (or little one) as the root word to make it clear this place is child-centered and community-oriented.

+ Daily Bloom

Two sisters, two professions, one life-enhancing purpose. Using their brilliant last name as the jumping off point, this name helps a doctor and a chef bring the powers of medicine and food together for true longevity.

+ Okay Humans

For a brand that knows happiness can’t be the ultimate goal for humanity, this name takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to what it means to be okay in the world with a groundbreaking new model for the future of mental health wellness.

+ Proteau

A spin on proto (short for prototype) and l’eau (French for water), this name set out to disrupt and define the non-alcoholic, adult botanical beverage market.

+ Strata

The debut product for world-renowned facialist Joomee Song, this name speaks directly to the beauty product’s powerful penetration through every layer of skin.

+ The Landing

Developed for a 263-unit “sidescraper” residential property in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood, this name is a clever double entendre that speaks to the unique shape of the building, as well as the feeling of sanctuary that comes from arriving home to a place that promises a peak experience from day to night.

+ The Planning Society

A premium online curation of wedding planners, event coordinators, photographers, florists, caterers, and everything needed to throw a memorable soirée, this name conveys an exclusive “members only” vibe for every party under the sun and moon.

+ Twenty by Six

Both literal and poetic, this name describes a commercial campus in downtown San Diego that features a repositioned 20-story building and a new ground up 6-story development – an easy lift for the brokers tasked with leasing it.


Lovely Words

“Sarah looks at the life of an entrepreneur as a journey, as a lifestyle choice, and one that comes with a unique set of challenges. Sarah asks questions that helped me get to the true essence of what I want to do. She finds out how you want to work together. She listens from the heart and is very intuitive. She can find the stuck parts and move you through them. I cannot thank her enough for bringing a deeper understanding to my business. I feel like I have been really heard.”


Claudia Endler

Owner, Claudia Endler Designs

“Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to every project. You make us all better creatives.”


Cleo Murnane

Creative Director & Co-Founder, Project M Plus

“Thank you so much for our Brand Toolkit. It looks fantastic! This tool is a new way of working for us and will really keep our multi-agency team focused throughout the life of our grant.”


Kathryn Vogel

LA County Department of Public Health

“Sarah worked with our 30-year-old organization to help us discover our evolving DNA. Because of her, we have a reinvigorated board, and much stronger unity among our organizational staff, leadership, and stakeholders.”


Tracey Weiss

Former Executive Director, Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools

“Sarah helped me develop a solid plan for business growth which has really helped with booking my ideal client and identifying strong vs. weak leads. I have a better understanding of branding and marketing but most important I am able to leave my fears behind and not let them influence my behavior in business.”


Jillian Kling

Owner, Jillian Rose Photography



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